Paweł Szczepański

Doctor of Musical Arts. A graduate of the Academy of Music in Krakow in the conducting class of prof. Jerzy Katlewicz. He collaborated with many music and theater institutions, such as the Grand Theatre and National Opera, the Grand Theater in Łódź and the Gliwice Musical Theater. He cooperates with music colleges (Academy of Music in Kraków, Academy of Music in Wrocław) and symphonic ensembles (Filharmonia Krakowska, Filharmonia Podkarpacka, Filharmonia Świętokrzyska). He has been associated with the Krakow Opera since 2008. His greatest achievements include conducting the world premiere of the concert suite for the great symphony orchestra by Irydion Ludomir Różycki, not played for 90 years and remaining in the manuscript. He has been associated with the Krakow Chamber Opera since the 2011/12 Artistic Season, playing the role of music director. He made his debut conducting the opera by W.A. Mozart “Zaide” as part of the 9th edition of the Katowice Meetings of the Opera, Ballet and Operetta. He also conducted operas “La serva padrona” by G. B. Pergolesi and the stage mystery “Stabat mater” to the music of A. Vivaldi and G. B. Pergolesi. As a music director, he prepared for the Krakow Chamber Opera a scenic cantata “Ich geh und suche” by music of J. S. Bach and the comic opera “Pimpinone” by G. Ph. Telemann.